Pranams to All!

The Dharma WarriorJust like almost everyone else, I would like to change the World. Again, like most people, I realize the only lasting way to do this is to change the people in it. However, unlike most people, I realize I can’t change anyone. In fact, no one can change anyone except themselves.

Therefore, expect this Blog to contain many, many questions and very few answers.

Accepting and believing in the title of my Blog is very hard to do. It would be a major life changing event for most people. Therefore, my advice for most people is not to think about it too much. Just let the concept stay in the back of your mind. If and when you ever become ready to accept it, you just will. If you never accept it, you won’t.

And guess what? Since “Life is Right in Any Case,” whatever you do will be Right.

Dhanyavad: May All Blessings be for You; May All May All Goodness go to you.

The Dharma Warrior, aka, Gary Giamboi

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One Response to “Pranams to All!”

  1. Joy says:

    I like the concept very much. I’m practicing asking myself a few questions when I start to question the rightness of life. The first question is “Is that true?”. That alone is transformational. Thank you.

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