Why Do We Chose to be Hold More Liberal or more Conservative View?

Most people believe that those who hold conservative views tend to be more independent, self-reliant personalities; and, those with more liberal views tend to be more dependent, more group oriented personalities. And that may be completely true for some people in each category.

However, I would like you to consider the following ideas.

I believe that most conservatives hold to their views because they are not more self-reliant; but, because they are more afraid of not being able to deal with changes they have not initiated. Or to put it a little more bluntly: Conservatives are conservative because they are afraid they are do not have what it takes to adapt to changes which are not in their own personal control. So they want to control everything that affects their lives even to the exclusion of sharing their successes and/or god fortunes with others.

On the other hand, people who hold liberal views may also be afraid of something. However, it is the exact opposite of what the conservatives are afraid of. Many people with liberal views seem to hold them because it relieves them of the responsibility for making important decisions and/or the outcome from these decisions.

I am sure most of us believe that we are driven very strongly by the basic instinct for survival. I believe that the decisions which label us as liberal or conservative will be decided by how we have already decide what is the best way for us to survive. Shall we do better as a team player or as an individual? Not whether my rights are more important than society’s ability to provide for everyone.

So why bring this up at all? I’m glad you asked!

Because maybe if we examine our deep core values and reasons, and see how they are unconsciously influencing our everyday thought processes, we may decide to use more conscious rational thought to arrive at whatever answer is most appropriate for us.

I have already posted about how the conservative talk shows seem to have more than the usual amount of sponsors which play on or to people’s fear of things beyond their control. I am sure they don’t sponsor these shows just out of political concerns. If this were true, one would think they would be making altruistic contributions also. Let’s face it, they are sponsoring these shows because the people who listen to these shows have a fear these sponsors can help them deal with. And so, they buy these products or services more often than people with liberal views do.

Many Liberal’s have their fears also. That’s why they are called “bleeding hearts.” They are afraid to accept the fact that their are cruelty and suffering in this world that they cannot alleviate. Worse still, maybe the idea that this cruelty and suffering are actually part of the natural order of things and should not be tampered with. Not until we know what the exact outcome of that tampering is. The concept of tough love applies to all of creation, not just to loved ones with addiction problems.

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