Sport Fans Are out of Hand!

I just read in the August issue of Athletic Business magazine that in the secondary market, 2 seats (yes, only 2 seats) at courtside for Game 5 of the NBA finals at the Boston Garden were $15,648 and 2 courtside seats for Game 6 of the NBA finals at the Staples center in LA was $115,900.

Come on guys! Can anything that lasts for less than 1 hour and may not even leave you feeling good be worth to you the same amount of money that could have been used by you to feed a thousand people for a whole year?

I am not judging you; but, I will judge the act.

If your answer is yes, I humbly suggest you do some serious self-evaluation. Whatever religion you claim to practice, try asking yourself if the Main Entity associated with that religion would chose the tickets over the food. If you still would buy the tickets, I think you need to remove yourself from the list of practitioners of any religion I know of.

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