I don’t want to put a damper on anyone’s Holiday spirit; but, I would love to know how many people at how many Thanksgiving tables actually gave thanks in some form to someone (or thing) other than the cook.

Now granted the Puritans were a fairly twisted group of people; yet, I think they had the Right of this. Personally, I always “give thanks” before I eat every meal, whether I am alone, in a group, in a restaurant…. it doesn’t matter to me.

The real question is Why do I give Thanks. The answer may surprise you. I actually do not say “Thank You” to any one for anything. I do say one of two things:

    I do say an ancient Hindu Mantra which basically reminds me that I did not have all that much to do with getting the food in front of me and then from the plate to my mouth to out the opposite end. Sure, I earned the money to buy it and the diner ware; but, I did not make the Earth, the water, the air, the Sun, the seeds, the farmer or any of his tools, the trucks, etc. I had nothing to do with making my arms, mouth teeth, or digestive and elimination system. So how much did you have to do with getting your nourishment?

    I say a Zen Buddhist poem called the Five Reflections. They are meant to focus our attention and 5 important concepts and principles.

This helps me remember my place in the scheme of things and for that place, I am very Thankful.

There is nothing wrong with having an excuse to eat a nice meal with family and friends. I just think if we are not going to say Thanks, we should change its name. Now, if you are one of those who will automatically say that changing its name would be breaking tradition, I would like to remind you that its tradition was to Give Thanks before its name was Thanksgiving. So if you really want to uphold tradition, then do so where it counts!

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One Response to “Thanksgiving”

  1. Grace says:

    I agree; however, it would be important for me to include the person or persons involved in the preparation of the meal, as well as, God for giving us the privilege to enjoy the meal with friends and family. I am grateful and thankful for each and every meal; and, all that I have, I thank God every day.

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