Government Health Care

I have to say that I can’t believe all the nonsense I hear concerning what will happen if there is an option to chose a government run Health Care Plan.

We all know that every single private health care insurance company is against this option. Now perhaps I am being simplistic; but, I see this as a case of the enemy of my enemy might be my friend. If we put aside this particular question, may I ask the last time you truly believed your health insurance company was doing something that was against its own interests just because it valued your interests above its own?

If you are even remotely like me, that thought has never even enter your head in order to provide a good laugh.

Next problem: I want the ability to chose my own options for my health care.

Now, I believe this is a problem for anyone until we get to the very high cost procedures some serious illness may call for. So my first question is: What makes you think your present insurance company will OK everything you may wish for? What do you think will happen once you hit your maximum life time limit?

How about getting the approval for an experimental treatment? Usually, no way.

How do you feel about paying for people who get enrolled in the public option? Do you think it is fair?
Well, I have a few questions concerning that also.

We keep hearing this is a Christian nation. Well, for me, one of the defining statements of Christianity attributed to Christ is: If you have two coats and your neighbor needs one, give him one. I guess the confusion lies in the fact that an insurance policy or medical treatment does not resemble a coat. So I have to ask, how is this different?

What about all the scams that people pull on the insurance companies that end up raising our premiums? How about paying for someone else’s sport injuries, STDs, health problems caused by obesity, smoking, salt, sugar, fried foods, old age, youth, drinking, not sleeping enough and any kind of damaging behavior that you don’t participate in? Why should you have to pay for that? Aren’t those factors totally different than being poor, uneducated, born to the wrong set of parents (or parent)? Don’t they all end up raising your health care premiums?

And although this is not really directly related to this health care debate, since it does concern health care and insurance premiums, I want to ask: why should we pay for the health care of injuries sustained because of or made worse because of speeding in an automobile? Why don’t we exempt insurance companies from having to pay for any injuries to the occupants of a car that are the result of an accident in which that car was speeding?

It seems to me that if we do not want to pay for another person’s health care, we shouldn’t.
What do you think?

If you can answer any of these questions for me, I would greatly appreciate it.

In the meantime, I would like to see this country lighten up.

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2 Responses to “Government Health Care”

  1. Grace says:

    Agreed on all counts!

  2. I agree. Correct is better than too fast!

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