A Tiger by the Tail!

I know we are all tired of hearing about Tiger Woods. So don’t worry, this post is not about him or his situation. It is about us.

Probably the most common reaction to this whole affair (no pun intended) is: “I can’t believe he could/would do such a thing. He was always so squeaky clean.”

I can’t believe that any of these people actually know Tiger (or any celebrity) well enough to truly know anything about them. All we know is what we are told by people who have an interest in promoting their own agendas; and, have absolutely no interest in letting the truth get in their way.

We need to step back and re-evaluate our evaluations. Better yet, we need to not evaluate it, unless of course we need to interact with Tiger directly. Unless we have that opportunity, I believe we all have better ways to spend our time and energy.

Everyone agrees that gossiping is not a good thing to do. The problem is that we think we must talk to another person in order to gossip. I want to suggest that we can gossip to ourselves. That’s right. When you “talk” to yourself, whom are you speaking to? There has to be different “somethings or someones” in our heads. Call them what you wish; but, if there was only one unified mind in our head, then “talking” would not be necessary. However, thoughts arise from somewhere; and, some place else looks at them and judges their “correctness.” We need to shut down the place in which these thoughts arise by using another part of our mind to forbid it.

Of course if enough people did this, a whole industry based upon such nonsense would suffer. But, in the long run, I think we would all be better off.

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