What a Program’s Advertisers Tell Us

January 4th, 2010

Sometimes a program’s advertisers tell us more about the show than about whatever product they are pitching. Their product may even be worthwhile and of value to many people. So this post is not about any particular company or its products or services.

Rather, it is about what we can learn about a program’s audience from what kind of advertisers pay to be able to reach that audience.

I was listening to the Glenn Beck show the other morning and it suddenly dawned on me that both his show and Rush’s show have a disproportionate number of commercials which offer products and or services which are meant to prevent or deal with some kind of personal disaster.

As I said earlier, these products may be fine in of themselves; but, the fact that these companies feel that the listeners of conservative talk shows are the kind of audience that are most likely to buy their product tells me that these listeners are all about Doom & Gloom.

They feel that they are helpless to prevent disaster from striking them; and, the only option they have left is to prepare for the inevitable catastrophe which is hanging over their heads.

Keep in mind, that these are the same people who say they believe in the supremacy of the individual. I guess that supremacy only applies when they get to make all of the ground rules. It seems that if someone makes a set of rules not to their liking, they not only don’t want to play the game; but, they believe that everyone is going to lose. There will be no winners unless they make the rules; and of course, if they make the rules, they will be the winners.

I guess they have never really thought about life in general; because I don’t know about you; but, I have never made any of the truly important rules in my life. I did not pick my parents, my physical abilities, my mental acumen, the state of my general health, etc. So if I followed their line of reasoning, I would have committed sepaku long ago.

I want to add to the list of Mr. Beck’s sponsors:

  • A company that helps defend you from the IRS. Can this mean that the Righteous Right can be cheating their Uncle Sam?
  • A company selling gold to help protect you from an economic meltdown.
  • A company that will sell you food processed to have a long enough shelf life to keep you safe during a full blown breakdown of our civilization.
  • A hair restoration company to help protect you from the tragic of losing your hair.
  • A company promising you up to $1700/month for part time work from your home and $7900 for full time home work. Of course this is at least as legit as the rest of this site because someone of such high standards as Mr. Beck would not be supported by a bunch of crooks.
  • Now of course, I am sure it has never occurred to the producers of these shows that airing commercials which foretell upcoming disasters will only serve to give more credence to the message these shows are promoting. If the makers of these products were smart, they could ask for a advertising rate discounted by an amount proportional to the pessimism of their ads message.

    A Tiger by the Tail!

    December 11th, 2009

    I know we are all tired of hearing about Tiger Woods. So don’t worry, this post is not about him or his situation. It is about us.

    Probably the most common reaction to this whole affair (no pun intended) is: “I can’t believe he could/would do such a thing. He was always so squeaky clean.”

    I can’t believe that any of these people actually know Tiger (or any celebrity) well enough to truly know anything about them. All we know is what we are told by people who have an interest in promoting their own agendas; and, have absolutely no interest in letting the truth get in their way.

    We need to step back and re-evaluate our evaluations. Better yet, we need to not evaluate it, unless of course we need to interact with Tiger directly. Unless we have that opportunity, I believe we all have better ways to spend our time and energy.

    Everyone agrees that gossiping is not a good thing to do. The problem is that we think we must talk to another person in order to gossip. I want to suggest that we can gossip to ourselves. That’s right. When you “talk” to yourself, whom are you speaking to? There has to be different “somethings or someones” in our heads. Call them what you wish; but, if there was only one unified mind in our head, then “talking” would not be necessary. However, thoughts arise from somewhere; and, some place else looks at them and judges their “correctness.” We need to shut down the place in which these thoughts arise by using another part of our mind to forbid it.

    Of course if enough people did this, a whole industry based upon such nonsense would suffer. But, in the long run, I think we would all be better off.

    Government Health Care–II

    December 10th, 2009

    I keep hearing news reports about how many people are upset because some local government agency or court has decided it is wrong for a secular nation to display Christmas decorations because of their relationship to Christianity.

    So again, I have to ask how can a person want the “fun stuff” and chose to ignore the Real Essence of their religion by refusing to acknowldge that Christ would have been in favor of Universal Health Care! And if you think I can’t prove that statement and chose to ignore that fact, then just ask yourself why did most of Christ’s miracles deal with healing people instead of giving riches, land, power, etc?

    Government Health Care

    December 4th, 2009

    I have to say that I can’t believe all the nonsense I hear concerning what will happen if there is an option to chose a government run Health Care Plan.

    We all know that every single private health care insurance company is against this option. Now perhaps I am being simplistic; but, I see this as a case of the enemy of my enemy might be my friend. If we put aside this particular question, may I ask the last time you truly believed your health insurance company was doing something that was against its own interests just because it valued your interests above its own?

    If you are even remotely like me, that thought has never even enter your head in order to provide a good laugh.

    Next problem: I want the ability to chose my own options for my health care.

    Now, I believe this is a problem for anyone until we get to the very high cost procedures some serious illness may call for. So my first question is: What makes you think your present insurance company will OK everything you may wish for? What do you think will happen once you hit your maximum life time limit?

    How about getting the approval for an experimental treatment? Usually, no way.

    How do you feel about paying for people who get enrolled in the public option? Do you think it is fair?
    Well, I have a few questions concerning that also.

    We keep hearing this is a Christian nation. Well, for me, one of the defining statements of Christianity attributed to Christ is: If you have two coats and your neighbor needs one, give him one. I guess the confusion lies in the fact that an insurance policy or medical treatment does not resemble a coat. So I have to ask, how is this different?

    What about all the scams that people pull on the insurance companies that end up raising our premiums? How about paying for someone else’s sport injuries, STDs, health problems caused by obesity, smoking, salt, sugar, fried foods, old age, youth, drinking, not sleeping enough and any kind of damaging behavior that you don’t participate in? Why should you have to pay for that? Aren’t those factors totally different than being poor, uneducated, born to the wrong set of parents (or parent)? Don’t they all end up raising your health care premiums?

    And although this is not really directly related to this health care debate, since it does concern health care and insurance premiums, I want to ask: why should we pay for the health care of injuries sustained because of or made worse because of speeding in an automobile? Why don’t we exempt insurance companies from having to pay for any injuries to the occupants of a car that are the result of an accident in which that car was speeding?

    It seems to me that if we do not want to pay for another person’s health care, we shouldn’t.
    What do you think?

    If you can answer any of these questions for me, I would greatly appreciate it.

    In the meantime, I would like to see this country lighten up.


    November 27th, 2009

    I don’t want to put a damper on anyone’s Holiday spirit; but, I would love to know how many people at how many Thanksgiving tables actually gave thanks in some form to someone (or thing) other than the cook.

    Now granted the Puritans were a fairly twisted group of people; yet, I think they had the Right of this. Personally, I always “give thanks” before I eat every meal, whether I am alone, in a group, in a restaurant…. it doesn’t matter to me.

    The real question is Why do I give Thanks. The answer may surprise you. I actually do not say “Thank You” to any one for anything. I do say one of two things:

      I do say an ancient Hindu Mantra which basically reminds me that I did not have all that much to do with getting the food in front of me and then from the plate to my mouth to out the opposite end. Sure, I earned the money to buy it and the diner ware; but, I did not make the Earth, the water, the air, the Sun, the seeds, the farmer or any of his tools, the trucks, etc. I had nothing to do with making my arms, mouth teeth, or digestive and elimination system. So how much did you have to do with getting your nourishment?

      I say a Zen Buddhist poem called the Five Reflections. They are meant to focus our attention and 5 important concepts and principles.

    This helps me remember my place in the scheme of things and for that place, I am very Thankful.

    There is nothing wrong with having an excuse to eat a nice meal with family and friends. I just think if we are not going to say Thanks, we should change its name. Now, if you are one of those who will automatically say that changing its name would be breaking tradition, I would like to remind you that its tradition was to Give Thanks before its name was Thanksgiving. So if you really want to uphold tradition, then do so where it counts!

    The Problem with “Rush”-ing Through Life

    November 16th, 2009

    Like most people, I am not a big fan of Rushing. We tend to miss too many things when we are Rushing. We tend to make mistakes when Rushing. We tend to have poorer balance; and, our more likely to get hurt when Rushing.

    When we are Rushing, our minds tend to be where we are Rushing to, even though we are somewhere else.

    In short, we tend not to enjoy life when we Rush through it.

    So, even though I listen to his radio talk show every once in a while, I tend to avoid “Rush”-ing as much as possible.

    “You Know I am Right”

    November 16th, 2009

    This afternoon, I managed to catch a few minutes of Mr. Limbaugh’s show. At one point after during either a before or after moment surrounding a commercial, they played a pre-recorded sound bite where Mr. Limbaugh says: “You know I am right.”

    I can not believe Mr. Limbaugh doesn’t realize that just about everyone in America, and most certainly everyone listening to his show, knows where he stands politically. Why else would he have to keep on telling us? Can there be any doubt in any sane person’s mind about Mr. Limbaugh standing to the right of……..?

    In any case, if you are reading this, Mr. Limbaugh, kindly take note that this statement of yours is redundant.

    “Advertising on a Web Site”

    November 15th, 2009

    I own two web sites in addition to this one. Even though I have the usual “middle, middle class” struggles to pay my bills, none of my web sites have any advertising on them. IMHO, advertising changes the whole tone of a web site into that of “make as much money in as many ways in as little time as possible.” One of my sites has absolutely no advertising or affiliate links whatsoever. The other one will shortly have affiliate links on my product page, where i do sell items I recommend. However, my info pages are just that: for information only!

    Now, on with my story:

    I live in Palm Beach county Florida. The talk radio airwaves down here are filled with infomercial programs and one news/political station. That one station is a Fox affiliate (maybe it is even owned by Fox); and, therefore it is no surprise that its programming is dominated by the stars of the conservative universe.

    That makes it easy for me to listen in and see what is going on in their part of the world. So I listen to Rush several times a week for varying amounts of time as I drive from one work place to another. However, I have never been to his web site until just now.

    I actually didn’t read any of his commentaries, posts, articles or anything else. I was just shocked to see that a multi-multi millionaire has the mind set to have to make money by having advertisements on his home page. Actually, I am fairly certain that the ads for the various products are actually affiliate type links where the owner of the web site will get paid a percentage of the sale from the banner ad if a person from the original site actually makes a purchase on the linked site. He may or not be paid for the banner ads themselves. He may or may not be paid for just “click-throughs”( That’s the term to mean all a person has to do his click the ad and go to the advertiser’s site in order for the original site to get paid). Regardless of the method(s), Rush is making money in some form from these ads.

    So that begs the question that if he needs the money so much as to cheapen his own personal web site (which is his “avatar” in cyber space for the universe to see), what else would he cheapen to make the dollars he so obviously¬†thinks he needs?

    Pranams to All!

    November 12th, 2009

    The Dharma WarriorJust like almost everyone else, I would like to change the World. Again, like most people, I realize the only lasting way to do this is to change the people in it. However, unlike most people, I realize I can’t change anyone. In fact, no one can change anyone except themselves.

    Therefore, expect this Blog to contain many, many questions and very few answers.

    Accepting and believing in the title of my Blog is very hard to do. It would be a major life changing event for most people. Therefore, my advice for most people is not to think about it too much. Just let the concept stay in the back of your mind. If and when you ever become ready to accept it, you just will. If you never accept it, you won’t.

    And guess what? Since “Life is Right in Any Case,” whatever you do will be Right.

    Dhanyavad: May All Blessings be for You; May All May All Goodness go to you.

    The Dharma Warrior, aka, Gary Giamboi

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