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The Founding Fathers

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

I am so sick of hearing references to The Founding Fathers and the original literal wording of the Constitution. It is not that I hold them in any less awe than other Americans. It is just that I feel that the people making reference to them have no clue as to who or what they are referring to.

First of all, there was probably no political document in the history of this country that owes its existence to backroom deals and political intrigue more than the Constitution of the United States.

Secondly, it was written by one of the largest group of extreme leftist thinkers in the world at that time. This group was the living embodiment of Change. They feared a lack of change, not change itself.

Thirdly, as it was written, our Constitution allows Slavery and denies females the right to vote. Indeed, sixteen of its authors (including Washington, Jefferson and Franklin) actually owned slaves.

Fourthly, constitutional scholars seem to have a hard time proving our Constitution specifically grants us the Right of Habeas Corpus.

So as everyone can see, there were changes that had to be made our Constitution. It was never, still isn’t and never will be sacrosanct. To remain great, it must be adapted to the changes in the society it is meant to protect.

Kindly do me a favor: the next time you hear someone talk about how some proposal goes against what the Founding Fathers wrote, call him out and try to discuss this post with him/her.

Corporate & Union Political Spending

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

Well, it is official:

Corporations now have almost every right under the constitution as real people do, except that to actually cast a vote.

That makes me question which entity has more power: the average Joe/Jane who can cast one vote (and maybe spend a few bucks on his/her favorite candidate); or an entity which can’t cast a single vote, but can spend literally tens of millions of dollars to influence countless voter to vote the way it wants them to vote?

Are you still pondering the answer; or, is it as apparent to you as I think it must be to everyone, even the Supreme Court justices who voted for allowing this type and amount of spending.

The nation rails about Conservative vs, Liberal. It shouldn’t this time. However, it probably will because coincidentally it just so happens that most Conservatives will jump at the chance to limit government regulation any time than can, even when it shoots themselves in their own foot (hence the NRA). And so, the Conservative world will actually align themselves with Big Unions because once they can get the government under control, they can regulate whom they please.

Weaken the regulator and you have a good chance of doing whatever you please.

Oops, seems I got off the track a wee bit.

This issue is about one person, one vote. Anyone who truly thinks that granting an entity the power to influence countless votes adheres to one of our Founding Principles needs to explain that to me in clear and precise terms. Because, try as I might, I just can’t even see how to begin to think along those terms.

Let’s see how many times the Conservatives mention the Founding Fathers when talking about this decision. Let’s see how many times they talk about “Legislating from The Bench” when they discuss this issue.

I would think the Founding Fathers would find this Supreme Court ruling extremely Progressive and perhaps downright Radical.

Mr. Literal Says He is Standing on Solid Ground!

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Today at 2;34pm EST, Rush said “I am grounded in Reality” and “I am Mr. Literal.”
As the Pharaoh used to say: “So Let It be Written; So Let It Be Done.”

As for me, it has been a long time since I have heard such blatant nonsense. One of the surest ways of getting something you say to be accepted as truth is to say it as matter-of-factly as you possibly can with as little embellishment as possible.

Why? Because most people listen to things with their emotions first and their intellect second, if at all. So, if you do not rouse their emotions, there is a good chance their intellect will never come into play.

Rush is a pro at this. He will prance about the show raving about this or that; and, then he will suddenly calm down and say something like ‘I am grounded in Reality.”

I always give credit where it is due. Rush has this technique down to a science.

Liberal vs. Conservative

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

I just had an Epiphany:

The terms Liberal and Conservative DO NOT refer to any ideological, philosophical, social, moral, religious, etc., WAYS of thinking.They refer to the AMOUNT OF thinking the person does!!!!

That right. Just consider what the words mean:
Liberal means “big; given or giving freely.”
Conservative means “cautious, avoiding excess.”

So it seems to me that to be Liberal with your thinking means to think a lot. To be conservative with your thinking means to conserve your brain power and limit the amount of thinking you do. Of course, it is just a coincidence that the points of view reached by those that think more is usually substantially different from those that think less.

After all, even the Deceleration of Independence says “….We Hold These Truths to Be Self Evident….” Therefore, no thinking should have been necessary to arrive at those conclusions. But, these people who did not have to think too much to obtain these Truths were actually as Radical a group of people as you could gather in those days–go figure.

Having established that the amount of thinking a person does is not directly proportional to whether they stand for change or the status quo, I submit again that these terms must therefore refer only to the quantity of thinking done and not the view point which results from that thinking.

The one caveat here is that I do believe that regardless of whether a person is to the Left or Right of the Main Stream, there are many people who do do a lot of thinking trying to figure out how to manipulate certain groups of the electorate strictly because they can accumulate money and power by doing so.

What a Program’s Advertisers Tell Us

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Sometimes a program’s advertisers tell us more about the show than about whatever product they are pitching. Their product may even be worthwhile and of value to many people. So this post is not about any particular company or its products or services.

Rather, it is about what we can learn about a program’s audience from what kind of advertisers pay to be able to reach that audience.

I was listening to the Glenn Beck show the other morning and it suddenly dawned on me that both his show and Rush’s show have a disproportionate number of commercials which offer products and or services which are meant to prevent or deal with some kind of personal disaster.

As I said earlier, these products may be fine in of themselves; but, the fact that these companies feel that the listeners of conservative talk shows are the kind of audience that are most likely to buy their product tells me that these listeners are all about Doom & Gloom.

They feel that they are helpless to prevent disaster from striking them; and, the only option they have left is to prepare for the inevitable catastrophe which is hanging over their heads.

Keep in mind, that these are the same people who say they believe in the supremacy of the individual. I guess that supremacy only applies when they get to make all of the ground rules. It seems that if someone makes a set of rules not to their liking, they not only don’t want to play the game; but, they believe that everyone is going to lose. There will be no winners unless they make the rules; and of course, if they make the rules, they will be the winners.

I guess they have never really thought about life in general; because I don’t know about you; but, I have never made any of the truly important rules in my life. I did not pick my parents, my physical abilities, my mental acumen, the state of my general health, etc. So if I followed their line of reasoning, I would have committed sepaku long ago.

I want to add to the list of Mr. Beck’s sponsors:

  • A company that helps defend you from the IRS. Can this mean that the Righteous Right can be cheating their Uncle Sam?
  • A company selling gold to help protect you from an economic meltdown.
  • A company that will sell you food processed to have a long enough shelf life to keep you safe during a full blown breakdown of our civilization.
  • A hair restoration company to help protect you from the tragic of losing your hair.
  • A company promising you up to $1700/month for part time work from your home and $7900 for full time home work. Of course this is at least as legit as the rest of this site because someone of such high standards as Mr. Beck would not be supported by a bunch of crooks.
  • Now of course, I am sure it has never occurred to the producers of these shows that airing commercials which foretell upcoming disasters will only serve to give more credence to the message these shows are promoting. If the makers of these products were smart, they could ask for a advertising rate discounted by an amount proportional to the pessimism of their ads message.