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Corporate & Union Political Spending

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

Well, it is official:

Corporations now have almost every right under the constitution as real people do, except that to actually cast a vote.

That makes me question which entity has more power: the average Joe/Jane who can cast one vote (and maybe spend a few bucks on his/her favorite candidate); or an entity which can’t cast a single vote, but can spend literally tens of millions of dollars to influence countless voter to vote the way it wants them to vote?

Are you still pondering the answer; or, is it as apparent to you as I think it must be to everyone, even the Supreme Court justices who voted for allowing this type and amount of spending.

The nation rails about Conservative vs, Liberal. It shouldn’t this time. However, it probably will because coincidentally it just so happens that most Conservatives will jump at the chance to limit government regulation any time than can, even when it shoots themselves in their own foot (hence the NRA). And so, the Conservative world will actually align themselves with Big Unions because once they can get the government under control, they can regulate whom they please.

Weaken the regulator and you have a good chance of doing whatever you please.

Oops, seems I got off the track a wee bit.

This issue is about one person, one vote. Anyone who truly thinks that granting an entity the power to influence countless votes adheres to one of our Founding Principles needs to explain that to me in clear and precise terms. Because, try as I might, I just can’t even see how to begin to think along those terms.

Let’s see how many times the Conservatives mention the Founding Fathers when talking about this decision. Let’s see how many times they talk about “Legislating from The Bench” when they discuss this issue.

I would think the Founding Fathers would find this Supreme Court ruling extremely Progressive and perhaps downright Radical.