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The Founding Fathers

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

I am so sick of hearing references to The Founding Fathers and the original literal wording of the Constitution. It is not that I hold them in any less awe than other Americans. It is just that I feel that the people making reference to them have no clue as to who or what they are referring to.

First of all, there was probably no political document in the history of this country that owes its existence to backroom deals and political intrigue more than the Constitution of the United States.

Secondly, it was written by one of the largest group of extreme leftist thinkers in the world at that time. This group was the living embodiment of Change. They feared a lack of change, not change itself.

Thirdly, as it was written, our Constitution allows Slavery and denies females the right to vote. Indeed, sixteen of its authors (including Washington, Jefferson and Franklin) actually owned slaves.

Fourthly, constitutional scholars seem to have a hard time proving our Constitution specifically grants us the Right of Habeas Corpus.

So as everyone can see, there were changes that had to be made our Constitution. It was never, still isn’t and never will be sacrosanct. To remain great, it must be adapted to the changes in the society it is meant to protect.

Kindly do me a favor: the next time you hear someone talk about how some proposal goes against what the Founding Fathers wrote, call him out and try to discuss this post with him/her.