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A Shortage of Health Care Professionals

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Now that we have new mandates for health care coverage, one of the few uncontested facts is that more people will be receiving more health care for longer periods.

One of the problems which exists already and will only be exacerbated by all the additional mandated health care is the shortage of health care professionals. One of the ways groups try to exert control of situations is by controlling who is qualified to participate in the actions surrounding that situation.

Having a background in the New York construction industry, I have first hand knowledge how it is possible for certain groups of people to control the number of qualified individuals who can perform a task. Although they claim this is done to keep quality and safety standards high, it is very easy to see how this also kept wages and working conditions high, and political power concentrated in the status quo.

My suggestion to ease the shortage of health care professionals is for the government to offer some kind of Health Corps program in which qualified individuals will receive and satisfactorily complete their necessary education and training; and, in return, they will be required to pay back their benefactor (the American people) by agreeing to work for a certain time period for a lower wage than what is normal for their field, agree to perform services for free and to do these things where they are needed the most.

Notice, I did not talk about the existing standards. I am not enough of an expert to know what can be safely and rightfully changed. However, I have seen enough doctors to know that the existing standards do not guarantee every professional is worthy of their profession; and, that certain people who are excluded from the licensing process for any of several reasons could easily do a better job than some of the existing professionals.

By allowing more people to be financially able to enter the training without sacrificing the necessary safeguards, our country can have the services of more and possibly better health care professionals at a lower cost.

Everyone would be ahead of the game except those whose political power and/or financial rewards may not be as great as the status quo guarantees.