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Liberal vs. Conservative

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

I just had an Epiphany:

The terms Liberal and Conservative DO NOT refer to any ideological, philosophical, social, moral, religious, etc., WAYS of thinking.They refer to the AMOUNT OF thinking the person does!!!!

That right. Just consider what the words mean:
Liberal means “big; given or giving freely.”
Conservative means “cautious, avoiding excess.”

So it seems to me that to be Liberal with your thinking means to think a lot. To be conservative with your thinking means to conserve your brain power and limit the amount of thinking you do. Of course, it is just a coincidence that the points of view reached by those that think more is usually substantially different from those that think less.

After all, even the Deceleration of Independence says “….We Hold These Truths to Be Self Evident….” Therefore, no thinking should have been necessary to arrive at those conclusions. But, these people who did not have to think too much to obtain these Truths were actually as Radical a group of people as you could gather in those days–go figure.

Having established that the amount of thinking a person does is not directly proportional to whether they stand for change or the status quo, I submit again that these terms must therefore refer only to the quantity of thinking done and not the view point which results from that thinking.

The one caveat here is that I do believe that regardless of whether a person is to the Left or Right of the Main Stream, there are many people who do do a lot of thinking trying to figure out how to manipulate certain groups of the electorate strictly because they can accumulate money and power by doing so.